4 Week H.I.I.T Program

4 Week H.I.I.T Program

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I am a firm believer in adding a different style of training to any workout program. This keep the muscle and nervous system fresh. Adapting to a single style of training can cause plateaus in results. 

Unless you challenge your body differently. 

This 4 week high intensity interval trainng is ideal for those who don't want to dedicate too much time to working out but want to still have a very effective workout session. This is also great if you're looking to add a different method of training to your current workout program. 

What's great about this program is that you do not need access to a gym. You can perform these workouts from your home. 

The program includes:
5 days of training; 4 days of full body workouts which are performed for 60 seconds each, and 20 second rest intervals between rounds. There are a minimal of 5 exercises per round.
1 day day of dedicated cardio (need to keep the heart strong, right?)

No need to guess what home workouts to do, buy this program!