Stop Lifting Weights!

There’s always that one guy in the gym. The egotistical lifter. Awkward form, no range of motion, a rep here and there, grunting to get everyone’s attention… But man oh man, is that a lot of weight! Impressive! 

You’ll hear almost every coach, every personal trainer, or fitness professional say that technique is everything. This is TRUE. Bad form causes injury! (obviously) The amount of weight being pushed or pulled is not impressive if your form is horrible.

  • If you’re looking as if you’re trying to get the air pregnant when bench pressing, then you’re wrong.
  • If you’re looking like you’re trying to start a lawn mower when doing single arm rows, then you’re wrong.
  • If you’re swinging your arms back and forth when curling then you’re wrong.
  • If you look like you’re in a middle of a cat pose (Yoga back stretch, Google it if you don’t know) when performing dead lifts, then you’re wrong.

These are just a few common mistakes I see on a weekly basis.

Tip: Stop thinking about LIFTING the weight. Focus on the targeting muscle group and perform and effective movement for that muscle group.
For example: Single arm curl: Back straight, feet shoulder width apart. Put your arms by your side, palms facing forward. Without moving the position of your elbow, bend at the elbow and try to touch your front deltoid (shoulder). See how smooth your range of motion is? Now add resistance.

If you need to put a little back into curling the dumbbells, then get lighter weight.

Now! If you’re focusing on the eccentric movement to get stronger, then have someone spot you as you pull the weight up but this topic will be saved for another post…

Stop just lifting weights. Focus on targeting your muscle groups. If you don’t have a single clue what you just read, speak with a personal trainer.

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