Failure is awesome!

Failure means you’re a loser!

That is a preposterous statement. I’m reading an excellent book called, “Mind Body Master: Training for Sport and Life”  by Dan Millman. I came across a paragraph that read:

Fear of failure produces tension; tension constructs the blood flow and slows the reflexes, which produces shallow breathing; shallow breathing results in the contraction of opposing muscles groups, which reduces coordination. Ultimately, fear of failure generates a vicious circle that creates what is most feared”

If that doesn’t resonate through you, then let me tell you this: The body and mind is extremely powerful therefore self improvement is vital. Do what it is you are truly gifted at and don’t be afraid to fail. Sometimes when I have to make an unexpected public presentation, my stuttering will kick in and I’ll sound like a broken record. By just doing it, I’m pushing aside self-doubt and preventing the “fear of failing” from getting the best me.

Use your body, own your body, love your body, and understand how YOUR body functions (especially the central/peripheral nervous system.)Your body is more than what you physically see in the mirror everyday. Just the thought of fear or any type of negative input, whether it’s what you see, what you hear, or what you eat, distorts your body internally and will manifest externally.

Think about someone who complains all the time, who wants to hide away from new challenges, who says, “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t”. Notice their body language verses someone who is willing to try something new, someone who is positive about every situation, someone who says, “yes I can/will!” The negative person is physically closed in; head down, chest caved in, body turned away from the situation, essentially showing a non-welcoming presence. As oppose to the positive person who stands tall, opens their heart and is more welcoming.

A world-renown motivational speaker by the name of Les Brown says, “Don’t give yourself a pass. Sometimes you need to tell that negative voice in your head to ‘Shut Up!’ If you’re going to fail, fail hard!”

Obviously I’m not a motivational speaker but I do live a healthy lifestyle; to me being healthy is more than the work I put into the gym and eating right. ( I said eating “Right”, not clean. Just because you eat clan doesn’t mean that you’re eating right. But… that’s another topic).

The mind is just as important as the body. Feed it with words, sounds, and visuals that’ll push YOU through your fears and continue to do what you love.

Successful people will always mention that failures are what got them to that point. So why be afraid to fail is that’s the only thing keeping you from being a true success?

Learn and move on.

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