Anyone can reach their fitness goals

Ever look at a fitness model and say to yourself, “I want that body!”. Maybe you’ve seen a jaw dropping full body transformation. Most of them have a full time job, a family to take care of and blah blah blah… Ever wonder what keeps these individuals going?

Simple: Motivation, Discipline, and consistency. That’s it.

Maybe some of you read that and either rolled your eyes or simply don’t care enough to continue reading on. That’s fine… Those who are interested, I’m glad that I’ve got your attention. This tells me that you want to know how you can maintain those three aspects in order to get the body of your dreams.

Motivation is simply an emotion. Sadly it is not permanent. Think of this, how often are you happy? What are you doing when you’re happy? What causes you to loose happiness? Well similar to happiness, motivation comes and goes. But there are different resources of motivation out there that can help you stay motivated about working out.
I always recommend having a workout partner. Particularly one who has similar goals. By having a workout partner, you both are on a journey together. You can keep each other accountable and by seeing improvements in each other will boost your ego and help keep you motivated to stay on track.

Discipline is having the ability to obey a set of rules or behavior. Discipline is something everyone has. I don’t care what people say. In some way, shape, or form you are disciplined in some aspect of life. Some people are disciplined when it comes to choosing healthy meals and some are disciplined when it comes to arriving to work on time. Whatever you are disciplined in, learn to develop that level of discipline toward your fitness goals. Envision your end product (i.e your perfect body, eating healthier, running your first 5k) and tell yourself that you will do what it takes to reach that goal. Every single day make a conscious choice that will put you one step further toward your goal. Park farther away before going into work or take the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator.

Consistency is critical. Like everything in life, the more effort and consistent you are in a particular field, the better the outcome. Look at professional athletes, do you think they just hit the gym three days a week, take several weeks off and then do workout for another few days a week? What about good leaders or CEOs? What about modern-day gamers? There are “professional gamers” who spend 80 hours a week practicing (aka gaming), they get a decent pay-check too! In China they’re giving students full college scholarships to play video games!… getting off track now… where were we? OH!
If you really want something, and I mean REALLY want it! Not “kinda want it”. You know that you will work day and night until you get the outcome you desired. I’m not saying you need to workout 8 hours a day and eat chicken and broccoli for breakfast, lunch, and dinner DELICIOUS! I’m saying that you need to stick to a workout schedule that works for you. Give yourself a day or two to sit down and plan out your week, include daily chores, work, and include time for working out. This will prevent the anxiety caused by thinking of not having time for the gym (and prevent that lame ass excuse) and this will embed your goal even more into your subconscious mind.

You will need to do the work to reach your fitness goals. But having a good body and completing your first tough mudder is MORE than just physical. It’s mental and it’s spiritual too. You will learn about yourself and realize things that you never knew you were capable of doing. THIS will help you perform better at your job, complete daily life activities easier and ultimately live a better quality of life. So before you assume that the person you saw on TV who lost 100 lbs in a year must have dedicated every second of the day to lose that weight, think again. That person was motivated, disciplined, and consistent. 

And so are you. So get up, get active, and reach your goal!

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